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Bankruptcy and Insolvency

As a leading Law Firm in this area, we have represented secured and unsecured creditors in major bankruptcy and other insolvency proceedings.

Since the new Mexican Insolvency Law became effective in 2000, the Firm has participated in practically every major insolvency or “concurso” proceeding.  In addition to our strong banking and corporate practice, we also provide enhanced legal services to our clients in the reorganization process of companies, including advice on the sale process of assets of insolvent companies.

As a result of our prestige in this area, the Firm was appointed by the Institute for the Protection of Banking Savings (IPAB), as legal coordinator of the liquidation process of seven major Mexican banks. By taking part in such liquidation process, we represented the first two banks that filed for bankruptcy in Mexico, and provided legal advice to such banks in every aspect of the judicial process, including the sale of assets.


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