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In representation of many national and foreign financial and other clients we have participated in very significant insolvency and bankruptcy cases, brought by or otherwise involving our clients in respect of major Mexican obligors.

We have represented local and foreign clients in sundry commercial suits brought to recover delinquent credits and other obligations, both on a local as well as federal level, and we have been counsel to clients in some of Mexico’s most important workout cases in tandem with litigation.

We were retained by the Mexican Federal Government decentralized organization called the “Institute for the Protection of Banking” (also known as “IPAB”), which is an entity formed to protect the interests of the general public in matters relevant to their transactions with Mexican banks, and further to administer the assets and liabilities of Mexican banks in the process of liquidations. Our role for more than two years was to act as the legal managers of the legal staff charged with the liquidation of seven banks in distress, and in such capacity to direct credit recovery efforts as well as the realization and sale of the banks’ assets.